Learn To Let It Go

Let the universe help you on your way to success!

Throughout my 30 years of experience I have worked with thousands of people and I have found that the most difficult challenge for the most of them is to learn how to let go of the situation, how to start trusting the planets in changing your life and to believe in your own strength to make one’s dreams come true. If there is some kind of problem in your life that is “eating you” from inside, you wake up and go to bed with this same thought and you cannot stop thinking about the way out of this context you are asking yourself “What do I need to do to let it go?” Just stop thinking about it? But you cannot switch of your mind as you do with your pc and then restart it later on. So you continue thinking about how not to think of your problem eventually getting things worse and becoming obsessed with something you have no influence on. So how you can let go of the situation?

The secrets of WELL-BEING

In fact everything is much easier as it seems to be at the first sight. Each person has an image on their mind, a perfect life he or she would like to have and also the plan how to reach this perfection, forgetting actually the pleasure is not in reaching the perfection but in the way you make going towards it. You can have the best plan ever, which foresees every detail and every move, every action you need to take, but how can you predict the reactions and the deeds of other people around you? How can you know that the path you have chosen is actually the correct one which will lead you to your dream? Well, you cannot, and in trying to fight with the flow of everyday events you forget to take pleasure from your life. And this is when it is important to let go of the situation and to start trusting the universe in guiding you towards your dreams.

The first thing I want you to understand is that you cannot control people and situations surrounding you, so you cannot control the flow of the events in your life, and fighting with it will only bring frustrations and tiredness. Let go of the problems and start going with the flow, trust the universe to bring you to the right path and you will feel the stress going down and you will free yourself from the chains that prevent you from enjoying every single day of your life and paying attention to small everyday miracles you encounter and you do not notice because you are too much in your desire to be in control of everything.

You may be surprised as you want to be the master of your destiny and to make things go your way. Well, let me tell you that going with the flow does not mean you are not in charge of your life! Actually, you are responsible for your life but you make things easier for yourself, the key element is that you use this flow to make your way towards your goals easy and joyful. That is when astrology is important, as it will help you to predict the exact events, the reactions of people, the chances coming your way and the opportunities to seize. If you trust astral bodies to guide you towards happiness and stability just several important actions at the right moment will be enough to get you to your desired destination instead of fighting all the time with no results. Basically in this case you are in charge of your own movement along the flow instead of trying to control the flow itself!

It is evident one cannot avoid all the problems and bumps on the road and the second thing that is the basis of your personal well-being is to stop looking at the world around seeing just problems, challenges and obstacles. You need to get rid of this frame of mind and stop blaming the outer world for putting all this issues on your way, as each complication is in fact your possibility for growth, self-development and moving to the higher level of self-realization. Let me show it to you on a very simple example, when you were at school your teacher always started to give you a simple task to be solved and once you got the correct response you were able to move to more complicated questions, this is the notion of progress! Remember how happy you were when you managed to solve the problem and how it was gratifying to get the correct answer! Now you need to understand that the issues you encounter in everyday life are there not to prevent you from moving forward in your life, but to push you towards progress and new achievements.


Finding a way out of a difficult situation, coming up with a new solution, using you strength to get what you want will make your appreciation of yourself go up, you will take confidence in yourself and your ability to move forward. Every problem that arises in your life should be seen as one more step in a ladder towards your personal growth and understanding of yourself.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

This is a well-known statement, however one cannot underestimate to which point it is true. Your personal well-being starts by taking care of yourself and your body, leading a healthy lifestyle, which will show your subconscious that you are ready to change and to move forward. Choose one practice that you are interested in (it can be anything, like swimming, dancing, meditation, yoga, etc…) and start practicing it regularly. And your mind will see a stimulus to help you change your life! Through changing your habits and starting to take care of your body your emotional state will change too, as well as your habits and preferences, and finally your life in general. You need to start taking care about yourself and your body, and this will contribute to your personal self-development and self-realization. Maintaining physical health will help you put an order into your thoughts, emotions, feelings and goals. It will set the basis of your psychological health.

You can learn hundreds of theories, receive thousands of advices and go through a large number of tips about how to let it go and how to get rid of the stress, but the key to your success is in your desire to really move on and to start applying them in your everyday life! So get grips of yourself and let the universe help you on your way to success!

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