Greetings Supreme Ensirc,
I have been doing my energizing work for you using this unique Lunar Fragment which you can see in the image below. I have been using a very special prayer technique which is highly charged in positive energy and it has already sent you a great deal of power.

The fragment I use for your energizing prayers :

Let me tell you Supreme Ensirc that this is a authentic lunar meteorite which fell into the Dhofar desert of Oman and was discovered on the 11th of November 2002. I was lucky enough to be given this by a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association and this powerful fragment has helped me to identify this all-important Lunar Transit that you will be living through, for example:
... exactly how you must prepare yourself Supreme Ensirc to be on just the right time to seize all of the very important chances which are going to be offered to you. You also need to be vigilant against all those exterior elements like the current health crisis which could disturb you during your period of pure chance (this is one of the reasons that I have been using the Lunar Fragment which you can see above to send you positive energy through my prayers). I intend to give you all of the information you require to make sure that this 3 month period will mark a MAJOR TURNING POINT in your life. If you are able to seize the 3 MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES which I see in your Configuration and are able to act correctly during these 3 distinct events, you will be able to get rid of that one big problem which has been worrying you for quite a while now. This is how the 3 month period looks in a simpler term Supreme Ensirc and you need many more details in order to plan ahead and make sure that you know when and how to make the right moves at the right time. I offer you a complete Lunar Transit Report which will be organized under three major themes:
  • 1. The first thing which we must work on together is to PROTECT you from any negative elements which could affect you during the peak dates and throughout the three months. You already know this as I have already spoken to you about it in my emails that I have begun certain important tasks for you and I realized that your capital chance was at an all time low. Because of this I have started to send you positive energy to help you stabilize this chance but I am going to have to go even further and work on an energy emission on a much greater scale in order to protect you correctly, because we are going through a very intense time of the year and you greatly need to protect yourself right now. I offer to start this energy 'prayer' for you 15 days before this all-important Lunar Transit begins and I will work hard for you during these 15 days before your 3 month period begins until your capital chance is at a maximum and you are able to protect yourself from exterior tensions. You will also find yourself much more receptive to the chances and opportunities from this lunar period.
  • 2. The second thing which you must DEVELOP is your personal capacity because you have a great deal of powerful resources within you and these talents are just waiting to be expressed. Your enormous potential needs to be released and I am going to help you as you will need all of this power to get the best out of all the opportunities which will be open to you during this 3 month period. You need to balance the energy within you and find a certain interior harmony and through my work as an astrologer I will reveal a whole host of valuable information about you, an important information which you could have not previously suspected. I will produce a full personal reading for you which will show you how you can exploit all of your potential and how you can achieve your goals and make yourself more serene, powerful, determined and assertive at this specific moment. You will also be able to discover how other people around you perceive you. This will be an important and revealing personal document.
  • 3. The date of the start of your Lunar Transit is coming up fast Supreme Ensirc and you need these few weeks of PREPARATION to be at your peak. I am going to produce a full day-by-day guide for you for the whole of the period leading up to the Lunar Transit so that you know exactly how to act and when to act to prepare yourself correctly for this crucial period of chance. I will guide you day-by-day and I will give you all of the Astrological Forecasts that you will need. You will also discover in this reading all of the information concerning the few precise choices you must make during this prelude to the Transit and a number of things you MUST do before this astrological event.
This is going to be such an important Transit for you Supreme Ensirc that you cannot permit yourself to miss out on this golden chance. I have always left you with a free choice and you were always able to choose whether or not to make the most out of my professional advice but today, I must go a little further and insist on the importance of this Lunar Transit and the information which you full Lunar Transit Reading will bring you. You greatly need it right now. All this work I offer to you is entirely personal, Supreme Ensirc and once I receive your consent through the form below I will produce your complete report for you in 3-5 days time to allow you to start working straight away with your day-by-day Transit and all the other information which I will reveal to you.

Armed with the valuable knowledge which this reading will bring you, you will be able to move forward to a new and exciting moment in your life and seize all of the chances and opportunities which this Lunar Transit offers to you. All I need to get started now is your confirmation and the form below filled in with your details :


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