Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017

The Solar Eclipse is a remarkable natural phenomenon that lots of people wait for to observe for some minutes the beauty of nature and enjoy it. But also Solar Eclipse is an important astrological event because of the psychological and behavioral effects it produces on the human beings.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth blocking the rays of the Sun from reaching the Earth. As a matter of fact lots of people think that a Solar Eclipse is an unusual and rare phenomenon. However, contrary to what they think, it is totally common as there are usually two sets of Solar Eclipses each year. The closest one is taking place on 21st August 2017.

Eclipses, whether they are Lunar or Solar are known as the major transit of the year and it is important to mention that their effects last for months.

Eclipses are very powerful and dramatic and they can come with twists, challenges and unexpected opportunities.Actually, they involve a process of sudden and fast transformation and change.

We can compare an Eclipse to an earthquake. In fact, the earthquake quivers the earth and causes in huge geological transformation and some destruction. It is the same for an Eclipse; it shakes the soul and brings up negative energies like insecurity, loss and confusion but at the end it reshapes the soul and makes it reach the safe shore at last.

During the Solar Eclipse you need to be aware that things may not always go the way you want and you expect, so get ready for the bad luck sometimes and the misfortune. In fact, it is known that Solar Eclipse brings up negative energies. It causes financial crisis, relationships problems and feeling of confusion. This Eclipse affects the mood, the psychology and the behavior as well.

However, you do not have to worry because these negative energies can be used as a beneficial opportunity and the negative can be converted to positive since the Solar Eclipse highlights self-discovery. Consequently, you will be aware of the areas that you need to work on so you can improve yourself and your life for the better.

A Solar eclipse in one's natal chart placement shows the areas of life where important changes and new developments will require your attention for the coming year.

This eclipse is about new beginnings. It is the beginning of discovering the inner self and the acceptance of its flaws and imperfections. It is also the beginning of believing in oneself and achieving one’s goals and objectives. It is the time when you should be imaginative and creative and look at the world differently, from unusual angles and with a new vision.

During that time, you will experience new thoughts and emotions. You will have insights into new things; on emotional and spiritual scales. Actually, the Solar Eclipse challenges faith, skills and dreams. That is why you need to be sure of yourself and capable of taking the right decisions.

The Solar Eclipse is the most important transit and you need to take advantage of it. First, you must be aware of the negative changes you will feel and that will happen. Second, you have to know that the Eclipse requires more conscious and special attention. So be sure to take a careful look at your natal chart before the Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August!

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