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Expect circumstances to arise quite suddenly that can make you quite "miffed" to say the very least. Matters that were previously settled and agreed to can come back to haunt you through missed correspondence and messages. Expect accounts with debtors "NOT" to be serviced as promised, no matter how settled the situation seems to be. It is important to have all the information available when dealing with people, remember to get the names of people that you spoke to, times and dates. Keep copies of all letters for future reference.

Freedom will be sought no matter what the consequences and sudden romance begin and will end just as quickly now. This is an unfavorable time for group activity. Discrepancies in legal disputes and settlements can be found and ruinous speculation has its home here. Irregular heart actions are a direct effect of this transit. This can be a time of electrical fires so make sure you take precautions.

Murphys Law is in full effect now, so if it can go wrong it will now so hold on to something and prepare for a shock! This is not a good time for private negotiations and disappointments in all areas of life are to be expected. Conflicts of interest can easily occur and a whole new set of problems can arise without any warning. Accidents are possible at this time and challenges, separations and divorces can occur as well.

You will experience difficulties in expressing yourself and it will be tough to do with your foot in your mouth. You will have the advice potential of a blind man now, you just won't see it, or take it.

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