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Dangerous environments should be avoided at this time and don't gamble or take any unnecessary risks now. Mars is fiery in nature and Pluto rules the masses of people. Secret and behind the scenes actions are possible now and secret and private research can take place, which should prove to be very favorable.

There can be a compulsive desire to destroy yourself and others now and secret police investigations can take place. This is also a very difficult time for marriage and you must ask the question " Are you the dictator here, or the one dictated to!" This transit favors business, taxes, insurance and wills.

If there were ever a time when you can experience more bumps, bruises and accident prone behavior, you have been placed in the midst of it. On the other hand if you work around or near dangerous or unstable people, you can be placed in the middle of their problems which can draw physical harm to yourself and them. In essence the surroundings you are in now can be difficult. If you work in a bad part of town or have to drive, use more caution, or keep your wits about you to avoid any mishaps at the hands of another or through your own negligence.

One word of caution however, if your thinking has been rather strict, unyielding or unbending up until now and you think you know it all, or come across as a "wise guy or girl" then misfortune will show you just how smart you are not. Believe it or not, how you think can actually draw circumstances to you that will strongly change or modify your behavior patterns or do you in in some way if you refuse to get with the program, as we have "free will" to do what we want in this lifetime, until we have come against universal laws that were formed to teach us, in ways we cannot really comprehend, but WILL obey at some point.

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