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Avoid any risks in business until this transit is over and travel over water should be avoided as well. The imagination can really get out of control so it is better to wait until after this transit to find out what is "real" and what is not. Very impractical thinking patterns and unrealistic ideas can emerge now and if you put your ideas into play now there will be disappointments. Then again disappointments will probably show up even if you do nothing at all. Do not give or receive blood at this time as there can be some impurities.

Over inflated bubbles can EASILY burst now and expansions of any kind are under an Illusive or deceptive influence at this time. This is the typified transit for the CON-ARTIST and drug abuse may play a part in accidents. Accidents involving aircraft, water, liquids, gas can occur now and this is a bad time for big business and government.

The concentration needed for any project will not be with you now, as there is too much confusion in the air. Relationships that have been suffering can separate now or divorce completely. Abuses in drinking and drug can take place under this transit, or you may experience emotional dependencies on other people. Another aspect of this transit is swindling or being swindled by others, or you may find yourself being manipulated by others for their own purpose. Do not get involved in any get rich schemes while you are under the effects of this transit or get involved with any cult groups now because your thinking cap is on, but the power source is faulty!.

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