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Avoid crowds and irritating people if possible for awhile as they can really get on your nerves. Accidents are possible with this transit so use care around sharp objects. Tempers will be on the "hot" side, so try to keep it under control. Impulsive actions can work against you now.

Aggressive acts against others can cause you or someone else injuries now. Leave coffee or stimulants alone until after this transit has run its course, as it will only make a jumpy constitution jumpier. You may find that other people who have an axe to grind can be drawn to you like a magnet.

Challenges, disagreements, anger and arguments are possible now. This is a difficult time for wills, accidents and gambling as well. Illnesses can also occur. Rigid self control is needed now for partnerships to survive. Ego confrontations and " me first attitudes " will exist. Difficulties with anyone in authority can arise now, and if you aren't careful, there can be physical confrontations. There is EXTREME ANGER present that requires an outlet!

Consider those things that make you irritable and angry very carefully now, and watch your emotions as they can really get out of control. You will be sorry later on and have to make amends. Another influence of this transit is being ripped off by someone that you put faith in, so be careful in your dealings with others until this transit ends.

PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION is a danger as well as being accident prone, experiencing fevers, sharp pains in the joints, arthritic conditions, gout or have some sort of surgery.

Those who knowingly break the law may be caught in the act at this time. Errors in judgment will lead you to financial loss right now, so think twice and then don't! If you are looking for the perfect time to separate from a loved one, this is it!

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