FOR scorpio


Trying to reach people by phone, or communicate effectively with others can be an exercise in futility during this transit. You can expect some very heavy conversations with people now, perhaps short, abrupt and very unnerving. If you are looking for the perfect time to finally end a relationship, verbally at least, then here is the auspicious time for it.

Here comes a reoccurrence of problems that were already settled, or so you thought. Its crisis time, where you may suffer from foot in mouth disease. Shakeups can take place on the job and plans can go haywire and legal technicalities can prove very upsetting.

Too many cooks can spoil projects now, so limit the number of people that participate for the best results. If you have to make a guess on which way to go or what to do won't work, it'll be the wrong guess especially now. Don't rush projects now, instead let them go along at their own pace.

Be careful going up or down anything because we don't want any nasty injuries to compound the excitement surrounding this transit. URANUS has a lot to do with Explosions OR maybe a discharged bullet.

If you make a promise to someone, keep it especially now. Watch the tendency to interrupt others while they are talking, as it will be easy to do with this transit.

Uranus also has a lot to do with erratic heart actions and Uranus is sudden and highly unpredictable.

You have a brilliant mind but have a sarcastic speech and wit that can offend others especially now and you will be quick to argue over the smallest details while avoiding what the real problems surrounding you are. You may find that you are working with data and numbers a lot more during this transit and others may see you as having a very dry type personality. Be careful of what you put into your body at this time to avoid "GAS" or stomach problems.

Do not divulge secrets, gossip or spread rumors now and watch that fine print and avoid signing anything for a few awhile. An illness among close relatives may be difficult to diagnose and confusion, daydreams and absent-mindedness can easily cloud the mind and judgement. The main issues of life can become very clouded and difficult to differentiate from fact.

The workfront can become a very shaky place to be and is unfavorable for employment. Changes of mind, arguments, nerves and a high strung attitude exists and you may even los you job at this time. Equipment failure (Sudden) may have to be dealt with and watch what you sign, chances are it won't b in your best interest. The circulation of the blood can be affected as well.

Unreliable people can be found in the most reliable situations or places. Advice given to you will be ignored at this time and unexpected news and events arrive, leaving your nerves are a bit shaky.

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