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Activities can become restricted by natural causes or by the incompetence of others now and anger that breeds itself now, never seems to go away, but lingers on and on. You may find that your urge to accomplish anything is diminished greatly, perhaps the reason for that is the universe is telling you to slow down and reevaluate your life. Remember that any blockages to your emotions that occurs now will come out in physical ways like high blood pressure or general frustrations.

People can blow hot and cold now, driving you crazy and physical or emotional complications can come between people. Conflicts can easily breed tension now.

This is one of those time periods that are great for cleaning house non stop or doing anything for long periods of time that need to be done. Commitments to anything can be made now, but be careful not to dominate others or let others dominate you under this transit. Learn to listen rather than talking for therein lies the greatest gift. Try to be considerate of others, especially the elderly or those in authority over you. Conflicts and being arrested are extremes of this transit but if you go overboard now it's possible.

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